Constance Avery Artist Profile

Constance Avery is an artist that utilizes our Matboard Show Kits to display and sell her art. She has incredible story which she shares with us below.

As an artist working w/vision loss (legally blind-peripheral vision) and cataracts Constance Avery has had some limitations visually for over 30 years.  However, having  cataract surgery 4 years ago opened her cloudy central vision to brightness and color but not her peripheral vision which still is limiting.  She found these restrictions have allowed her to take a different and interesting path with her artwork; which she calls a keyhole vision.   This effect helps her to study the areas on the canvas and maximize the effects of brush marks, colors, shapes, and the overall flow of the painting. Using an iPad or phone to see the work condensed as well as looking at her work from a distance helps Constance to look at the work from different sizes and angles and helps her to visually see the actual effects of the painting.

Her latest body of work is partly in reaction to experiments w/acrylic ink, expressive painting and  images inspired by memories of stained glass creations by her youngest brother who also was an artist.

By applying the acrylic ink in quick random drawings onto blank canvas or on top of expressively painted surfaces this allowed her to reach into the canvas and markings to draw out the images that were created by the spontaneity of the lines and or strokes of colors and shapes seen by the ink and/or the paint under the ink. Applying paints in varying consistency and wiping it away creates the illusion of stained glass. The movements and special effects created by these methods are what attract many of her clients to her artwork.

Matboard and More is profiling artists and groups that use our products as part of the 2015 Photo Contest.  

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