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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Check out the most frequently asked questions including information about products, shipping and pricing. This guide has all the information you need to get started.
Matboard 101
Guide to help you select the perfect mat for your art work. Understand the difference between low and high quality matting.
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Sell Your Art Online
Our guide to help you sell your art work on Etsy and other online marketplaces!
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Framing Components
Overview of the various components commonly used in a picture frame including the moulding, glazing, matboard and backing board.
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Measuring Your Matboards
Guide to choosing the perfect dimensions for your next matboard, and understanding what the different dimnesions refer to.
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Guide to Matting for Art Shows
Step by step process of choosing the right matting products for your next art show.
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Creative Matboard Ideas
Guide to using matboard products creatively for amazing presentations and displays. Get gift ideas for the holidays and other special occasions.
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How to Mount Your Artwork
This guide will go through the various methods of mounting your artwork so you can get them properly displayed in frames, show kits or on their own.
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Pre Cut vs. DIY
This guide goes over the benefits of purchasing pre cut matting online as opposed to cutting your own matboards.
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