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Wholesale Price List

Backing Boards


Please review the chart below to see our prices at various standard sizes. Custom sizes in between are available at no additional charge in 1/8" increments.

Backing Board 8" x 10"9" x 12"11" x 14"12" x 16"14" x 18"16" x 20"18" x 24"20" x 24"20" x 30"24" x 30"32" x 40"
Economy 46¢67¢77¢$1.01$1.11$1.38$1.93$2.24$3.21$4.38$6.84
Standard 85¢$1.23$1.42$1.86$2.05$2.54$3.57$4.12$5.92$8.08$12.62
Archival $1.61$2.35$2.71$3.54$3.90$4.83$6.80$7.86$11.28$15.40$24.05
Foam 99¢$1.45$1.67$2.19$2.40$2.98$4.19$4.85$6.96$9.50$14.84
Black Foam $1.22$1.78$2.05$2.68$2.95$3.66$5.14$5.95$8.53$11.65$18.19
Acid-Free Foam $1.61$2.35$2.71$3.54$3.90$4.83$6.80$7.86$11.28$15.40$24.05
Acid-Free Self-Adhesive $2.56$3.74$4.30$5.63$6.20$7.68$10.81$12.50$17.93$24.49$38.24
Easel Back 92¢$1.34$1.54$2.02$2.22$2.75$3.87$4.48$6.42$8.77$13.70
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