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Wider Frame Recommended

The selected frame is thin, and requires extra support when used in large sizes to avoid bowing. We recommend our other, thicker frames at this size.

Wider Frame Required

You have selected a picture frame size that is very large. When any side is greater than 30", our wider 2" frame is required to ensure the frame does not bend or flex. If you wish to order the thinner frame, please select a smaller size and the option will be re-enabled.

What Size Should I Enter?

The size is the mirror size not including the wooden part of the frame (if selected).

Note: We do not carry over-size (over 32" x 40") mirrors at this time.

Mirror Options

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Backing Board

Backing boards are used to protect the back of your mirror. They are separate uncut piece(s).

We custom cut our backing boards to match the outer size of your mirror.

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Frame Options

We offer MDF, real wood and metal frames in a variety of finishes.

We recommend Foam Backing with your frame to provide a snug & secure fit. Frames are custom cut to fit your mirror size & come with hangers.

Acrylic Mirrors: custom sizes with multiple frame options.

1/8" thick, shatter resistant acrylic mirror is a great alternative to traditional glass mirrors in applications where safety, weight or custom sizing are a must. Acrylic (plexiglass) mirros are available in any size up to 32 x 40" and in any quantity. Choose from our frame selection to create a ready to hang framed mirror! All frames include hangers and optional foam backing.

Acrylic Mirror
1/8" thick, shatter resistant acrylic (plexiglass) mirror.
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Available Options:

The Benefits of Acrylic Mirrors

acrylic plexiglass mirror
  • More shatter resistant than regular glass mirrors
  • Great optical properties for clear reflections
  • Light-weight for easy mounting
  • Low water absorption helpful in many applications
  • Easy to cut to any size
  • Excellent resistance to UV damage, great for outdoor use
  • Safer than traditional glass for kid's projects