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Backing Board: archival & economy grade in any size and material.

Backing boards come in any size. We offer economy pressboard, standard matboard backing, archival quality backing, foam board (regular and acid-free) as well self-adhesive archival. Standard sizes are 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24. Backing is used to provide support and protection for your artwork, either in a picture frame or as a standalone product in a show kit.

Economy backing board is fine for home use, but standard backing is thicker and provides more support. The larger your artwork, the more support you need. Foam is much thicker than the economy backing and is the most popular for use in show kits..

Many of the frames purchased in local shops come with cardboard backing which will damage the artwork over time. For any original artwork we recommend an archival quality backing. Buy backing boards online by selecting your size and quantity below.

backing board for behind picture frame
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  • Regular matboard
  • .042 thick
  • Smooth & white on both sides

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