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Custom Designed Matboards: multi-opening, special shapes and lettering.

We can do just about any custom matte, with the highest quality precision at a fraction of the cost of big shop retailers. We will work with you to come up with any custom matte design that you want, and provide you with a free preview before purchase. Typically we are able to ship out custom designed matting within 3 business days. Check out some creative ideas on our fun matboard ideas guide. Please email with your design details so we can give you our best price.
  • No minimum orders, we do one offs at incredibly low prices
  • Multi-opening mats for a low fee. Send us an e-mail with your design and we will send you a quote within 24 hours
  • Any shapes or special cuts (circles, ovals, letters, numbers and much more)
  • Bottom weighting and other offsets at no additional cost.
  • We can do V-Groove cuts upon request
  • See our Pinterest gallery for examples of just a few of our custom design jobs
  • Sports jersey, diplomas, memorabilia and anything else you can imagine
  • Any size opening at no extra charge. For single opening custom mats, shop here.
picture mat corners Matboard and More custom matting custom animal cuts for picture matting

Example: Custom Design Shapes

The customer sent us a trace of his desired custom mat. We created the design proof and the final product matches his art work perfectly. We are able to do all sorts of intricate shapes and designs very affordably.
Intricate computer pre cut custom mat board Intricate computer pre cut custom mat board design file Intricate computer pre cut custom mat board in black frame

Example: Multiple Openings with V-Grooves

This mat highlights how we are able to do V-Grooves in multiple opening mats. Volcano Blue on Newport Blue with a Medium Gray backing for the medals. The frame is not from us.
Custom mat with medals in blue and white wizard design
Custom mat with medals in blue and white

Example: Sports Memorabilia

We are able to design any custom mat for all sports jerseys and memorabilia. This is a double mat design with the color match to Miami Heat colors. We can match any professional teams colors in our Crescent Select sports line. Baseball cards, game tickets, jerseys and anything else you can think of. Shadow Boxes are also an option. The frame is not from us.
Dwayne Wade custom frame and matboard wizard CMC design
Dwayne Wade custom frame and matboard

Example: Letter Cuts

We are able to cut letters out of mats using our specialized mat cutting hardware. There are a number of font options available to suite many designs such as the example below.
Letter cut art in a matboard wizard design
pre cut custom mat with letters for Mariano Rivera

Example: Photo Collage

We can do any kind collage matboard. This is a double mat example used for sports patches. We can do family trees, school photos and any custom combo you can think of with multiple opening mats.
multi opening collage double mat design
pre cut mat with two layers in a collage