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Using the Custom Mat Tool

Our custom mat tool will give you more fine grain control over your frame project, including more mat choices, custom reveals & offsets. Don't worry, all your work will be carried over automatically.

Standard Unavailable

Standard plexiglass is only available up to 16" x 20".

Plexiglass Upgraded to Premium

Large standard plexiglass is more prone to bending due to its thinness which can cause issues for certain applications. We have upgraded you to a thicker premium option.

Wider Frame Recommended

The selected frame is thin, and requires extra support when used in large sizes to avoid bowing. We recommend our other, thicker frames at this size.

Wider Frame Required

You have selected a picture frame size that is very large. When any side is greater than 30", our wider 2" frame is required to ensure the frame does not bend or flex. If you wish to order the thinner frame, please select a smaller size and the option will be re-enabled.

What Size Should I Enter?

The frame size is the plexiglass size not including the wooden part of the frame, and should match the artwork you are planning to frame.

Note: We do not carry over-size (over 32" x 40") picture frames at this time.

Backing Board

Backing boards are used to protect the back of your print, they are separate uncut pieces.

We custom cut our backing boards to match the outer size of your matboard.

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Glazing Options

Plexiglass is a great alternative for glass that is durable and clear.

We custom cut our plexiglass to fit your matboard outer size and to fit snugly with our frames.

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Frame Options

We offer MDF, real wood & metal frames in a variety of finishes.

We recommend Foam Backing and Plexiglass with your frame to complete the set.

Frames are custom cut to fit your matboard or print size & come with hangers.

Picture Frames: custom frames in any size.

Order Picture frames online in any size up to 32x40" and in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Customize your frames with the right plexiglass and backing to suit your needs. All frames come with the necessary hanging equipment to complete your project.

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Metal Picture Frames: Matte & Shiny Finishes.

Metal frames come in shiny and matte finishes. They are elegant with a thin modern look, and rounded profile. Metal frames use a screw hinge system for easy insertion of your art work. Hanger included. The metal frames come apart easily by undoing a couple screws on one side of the frame. You can see an example in this video.

Barn Wood Style Picture Frames: Rustic Chic Style.

Barn wood frames are chic and rustic, made of real solid wood with a barn wood style finish these frames are perfect to give your art work a unique look. They come in 1" wide, 5/8" thick as well as 1 1/4" wide, 1 1/4" thick models. These aren't reclaimed barn wood but they look just as good and are of extremely high quality build.

Contemporary Picture Frames: Simple and Elegant Real Solid Wood Frames.

Choose from 9 elegant picture frames in the Contemporary line. Frames come in real wood and polystyrene materials with extra wide options available. They also come in multiple finishes and trims to complement your art work.

Colorful Picture Frames: Fun, Stylish Real Solid Wood Frames.

Choose from one of many colorful picture frames. These are perfect for the kids room or when you want to add some life into your art work. The thin style is also great for the minimalist gallery look that has become very popular.

Classic Picture Frames: Traditional Style Solid Wood Frames.

The classic picture frames have beautiful profiles and trims to make your art work pop. These frames have curved profiles and come in classic black and wood colors. They are perfect for the office or for the more traditional look.

MDF Wood Picture Frames: Economical Option for Wood Frames.

MDF is an engineered wood and is available at an economical price. We carry both 1 1/8" and 2" wide profiles and our frames come in White, Dark Walnut or Black finishes. This is the perfect option for the more budget conscious shopper.

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