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Plexiglass for Picture Frames: custom acrylic for framing, any size.

Plexiglass is a great alternative to glass in framing because it is more durable and shatter proof. We offer standard and non-glare Plexiglass options in any custom size and quantity. Choose the Plexiglass that is right for you below.

What Size Should I Enter?

Please enter the size of the artwork or matting being protected.

Note: We recommend upgrading to premium or non-glare for plexiglass 20" x 30" and larger.

Standard Unavailable

Standard plexiglass is only available up to 16" x 20".

Plexiglass Upgraded to Premium

Large standard plexiglass is more prone to bending due to its thinness which can cause issues for certain applications. We have upgraded you to a thicker premium option.

plexiglass replacement for glass in framing all plexiglass replacement for glass in framing
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durable, light-weight & clear 0.040" PETG Vivak® Acrylic
  • More durable than glass, shatter proof and much easier to transport
  • Custom Plexiglass comes in any size to fit any picture frame
  • Very clear and optically pure
  • Shipped with protective film to prevent scratching and dust
  • Great for all art and frame sizes, easy to install

How to Handle Plexiglass

plexiglass with matboard
  • The Plexiglass has protective film on both sides, do not remove this until you are ready to frame to prevent damage
  • Do not slide or stack panels in a way that would remove the film
  • Always handle by touching the edges of the sheet, never the surface
  • Use soft cotton gloves when possible
  • Never apply heavy pressure when cleaning as the Plexiglass can scratch
  • Blow dirt off the surface before using any cleaning solution
  • Clean using a weak solution of dish washing detergent/laundry detergent and warm water
  • Use a soft, linen-free cloth and be very gentle

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