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Superbowl LI 20% Off Promotion!

The playoffs are upon us, and Super Bowl LI is imminent. Here at Matboard and More, we want to help commemorate the event. We’re thrilled that our hometown Falcons are doing so well, but we don’t want to play favorites either. Starting now, save 20%* on all NFL team mat colors, including custom mats. That includes authentic NFL colors to match your favorite team!  

*Limit one use per customer, applied to subtotal of all football themed mats.


For a limited time only, we have special ordered the exact team colors for the four playoff teams from Crescent’s official Sports Color Guide. These are acid free, conservation mats that will never fade or damage your art work. Follow the links below for standard sized mats and frames, but as with all our products you can always customize them to the exact size and colors you like!

If you’re not quite sure what you want or how to order, email us at Info@matboardandmore.com. We can help figure out what you need and answer any questions. We’ll also set up an account for you and load the mat right into your cart.

We wish all the playoff teams the best of luck, before they surely fall to the mighty Falcons!

Working at Matboard and More

A lot of us have had some rotten jobs over the years. For those of you who may wonder, though, Matboard and More is not one of those places. We wanted to give you a small peak behind the scenes, and tell you a little bit how your projects all come together. After all, it’s nice to know a little about the companies you do business with.

The first thing you may notice when walking into the warehouse is that it might seem chaotic. We process dozens of orders a day, hundreds of mats and frames. There’s a lot going on at once. But if you look closely, you will see that while there is a lot going on, nothing is chaotic. Everyone understands their duties, or knows where to go with questions. What may look like chaos at one end of the warehouse is simply a fast-moving system that produces neatly organized and packaged orders at the other end, ready to ship off to our customers.

Organization is key here, but so are the employees. When you picture a warehouse, you may be picturing something rather different from our warehouse. We keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter, because we understand people work best when they are comfortable. Music plays through the warehouse all day, though employees are free to listen to their own music while they work. It almost feels relaxed, though if you look you won’t actually see anyone slacking off.

These things didn’t happen by accident. The owners of Matboard and More are not distant CEOs. They are all directly involved with the company, often working side by side with the employees. They understand the importance of listening to employees, and doing what we can to create a good work environment. They know what it’s like to work for their own company first hand. This both helps them understand their employees, it also helps them keep an eye out for ways to improve our processes.

And perhaps the most important thing for providing a good workplace- good people. Everyone we spoke to mentioned their fellow co-workers as one of the things they like about working at Matboard and More. More than a few mentioned feeling like a family. Sure enough, if you ever go by our warehouse, you won’t see much in the way of turnover. We have work working employees that tend to stick around, from those who have been in the framing business their whole lives, to those who are just getting started in the industry.

All in all, Matboard and More is a great place to work. The respect we show our employees is in turn passed down to the customers. Weather cutting a complex order, assisting with a custom design, or simply packing your order up for shipping, we always treat our customers and their projects with respect.

Artist Profile Noah Urban

Photography has become Noah Urban’s hobby, fascination, passion, and voice of expression. Visual communication is something that delights and confounds him, and playing with photography allows him to experiment in the most wonderful ways. While he may not have the words to even begin explaining a feeling, he finds relative ease of expression though imagery . . . posing the possibility that he is merely verbally stunted. That is his prevailing theory. noahurban-broken-open

Artist Profile Monika Kralicek

Monika am a self-taught artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. She paints with acrylic and inks on traditional surfaces such as canvas and paper. Painting infuses timelessness and community into her daily life and it’s her goal to create art that resonates with others. Monika wants her work to serve as a connecting point, bringing people and ideas together. Her process involves a harmony of deliberate intention and impulsive use of color. Abstract, earth toned horizons reflect what calls to and inspires her constantly, the surrounding landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. She can’t invent the beauty that already exists in nature, so with gestural layers of texture, she works to renew it. Approaching familiar landscapes with abstraction is an effort to capture the spirit and character of a setting rather than the fine detail.img_1155 Monika Kralicek using Matboard and More products for her art work.

2016 Holiday Photo Contest Winners!

Matboard and More would like to thank all of the contestants in this years photo contest!  It was very difficult for our team to come to a consensus on the top three as we were extremely impressed by all of the submissions.

Coming at number 3 is a Monika Kralicek. Monika is a self-taught artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. She paints with acrylic and inks on traditional surfaces such as canvas and paper.

Monika Kralicek using Matboard and More products for her art work.The second place submission comes from Olga.  The artist in this is her daughter who is extremely talented! I love the photo as much as the matting and art work, great presentation.

Pre cut matboard with Olga V art work.Number one goes to Janice Peterson!   Here is what she has to say about her submission : “All of my artwork begins with my camera. The photographs are the foundation and inspiration for all my paintings and drawings.  I always carry it with me so over the years I’ve accumulated thousands of photographs. I’d love to paint them all but only have one life time so I created a technique that allows me to share my perspective through my photographs and share my style of painting blended all in one piece of art. I call this technique “photo breach” where I would pull aspects of images in the photographs onto the mat that frames the photo. By using acrylics I paint directly on the mat turning the mat into my canvas. This technique literally makes the photo breach the boundaries of its frame creating unique qualities. I really like using Matboard & More because I can order unusual sizes, your products are great and your care in what you do is unmistakable.”

Janice Peterson with matboard and custom sizes 1-janice-p




Artist Profile Janice Peterson

Janice’s creative spirit is sensitized to the changing elements around her. Her artistic processes would ignite when the early morning sun rises and it’s first rays reach across the land firing up the pigments in nature. Janice’s visual awareness and desire to express them started with designing logos and business cards as a graphic artist in her father’s print shop. She continued to explore her creative tendencies through music accomplishing a personal goal of performing around the Napa Valley for 10 years.

She received an Associates Degree in Studio Arts, a two year processthat took 10 years because she home-schooled her daughters while attending college. Janice experienced solo exhibitions in McCloud, Napa Valley, American Canyon, and was juried into three exhibitions in Redding and Napa. She won the “Peoples Choice Award” as the featured artist for the McCloud Arts Society Exhibition."The Goodman Building"

Originally from Redding, Janice has lived the past 30 years in Napa. She is happily married with two daughters and gives full credit to her husband’s loving support for her growth as an artist and for her achievements. Her goals are to create art that engages the viewer by allowing room for their own interpretation. Janice feels an individual draws from their own life experiences to interpret what they see which leads to unique connections for each viewer. Ultimately Janice looks into what the future holds for a studio and gallery of her own and to reach as many people as possible through her art.

Artist Profile Alex Cole

Alex Cole has been a professional artist for 25 years. She is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art. She raises her two children and lives in beautiful Sonoma Valley. She has exhibited her work at art festivals and art spaces. Her paintings are in many private and corporate collections both nationally and internationally.

Having become one of Sonoma’s much admired artists and teachers, she teachers increasingly popular day long acrylic painting workshops at her studio. Alex also offers creative art workshops for private and corporate events, as well as special occasions. Alex Cole

2016 Holiday Photo Contest

Matboard and More hopes everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!  This Cyber Monday we decided to kick off our 2016 Photo Contest.  This is the fourth contest and each year we get hundreds of amazing entries showcasing how people use our custom matboards and frames.

We have increased the prizes to $500!  We will also continue our mission to help increase exposure for artists and organizations in our community.

Artists who wish to be profiled can send us a bio and a brief description of how they use our products along with their photo submissions.  We will be blogging and posting on social media to help promote great artists all across the country!

To enter, all you need to do is submit a photo of our matboards with your art work to marketing@matboardandmore.com.

We will share your photo on our Pinterest board and other social media.  View the 2015 album!


  • First Place : $250 coupon to Matboard and More
  • Second Place : $150 coupon to Matboard and More
  • Third Place : $100 coupon to Matboard and More

How to Enter


  • Photo can be of any art work (doesn’t have to be your own)
  • Must include a matboard purchased at Matboard and More
  • Multiple submissions are permitted
  • Submission must be received by Dec 15, 2015

Matboard and More Adds New Frames!

Here at Matboard and More, we’re always looking for ways to add to the “More.” In that spirit, we have expanded our frame selection by adding six Contemporary Polystyrene frames to our inventory!

These frames are unlike anything else we carry. Coming in a wider style, these frames have a number of new shapes, textures, and colors. The round profile frames have a lot of character, and inverse curve frames are very cool. The leather texture frames are quite striking, and the metallic trim completes the look. Best of all, all these frames are available at a very affordable price.

Polystrene is a commonly used imitation wood. Though made of plastic, the frame is cut and painted to look like real wood. This helps keep the prices lower than you would expect for frames that look this good. These frames are especially useful for framing larger pieces, due to their thick profile and low cost.

You can still purchase our familiar backing and plexiglass options with any of the new frames. And of course, for those who prefer wooden frames, all our old options are still available.

DragonCon Celebrates 40 Years, Part 2

Dragon Con is a lot of fun, no doubt about it. I didn’t even go into the night life, where raves and drum circles carry on through the night and into the next morning, or the karaoke contests, the mobile parties, and so on. Yet, DragonCon also has a more serious side.

ghostbuster dragon con matboard and more cosplay

DragonCon hosts an annual blood drive that brings in thousands of units of blood every year. DragonCon often competes against ComicCon’s own blood drive, often beating the west coast convention. Futhermore, DragonCon sponsors a charity every year. This year it was the Altanta Self-Sufficiency Center, a local charity that works to help the homeless get back on their feet through a number of different programs. The participants really help out, coming up with games and contests to encourage donations.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, DrgaonCon is also a great place for the arts. As I mentioned before, within DragonCon itself there are professional level workshops for writers, in addition to dozens of less professional discussion panels on writing, costuming, and art. You can also take acting classes, and meditation classes have been offered in the past.

Beyond discussion and workshops, DragonCon also offers many opportunities for artists and other creative types to show and sell their work. The DragonCon Dealers Room has expanded from a single (large) room in the Marriott to a large chunk of the AmericasMart building. And perhaps more relevant to us, DragonCon boasts a Comic and Pop Art room, and a more traditional art show.

The Comic and Pop Artist Alley, as it is called, is the place to find art based on existing works. These are fan works with everything from fan mashups – Jason Vorhees fighting Michael Myers, for instance. Or you might an Impressionst or Cubist take on the inscribable horror of Cthulu. Or maybe you just want a really nice Star Wars picture on your wall.

scruffy art show dragon con cosplay

If that’s not your cup of tea, however, the DragonCon Art Show may be more what you’re looking for. While there will be a focus on the fantastic, the Art Show contains all original works. Not to say you won’t see anything familiar, as some of these works may have gone on to inspire the media that creates the core of DragonCon.

All in all, there is nothing quite like DragonCon. Weather you want to learn something, have fun, have fun learning something, or just sit back and take it all in, DragonCon has a lot to offer. Weather you’re planning to get a hotel room and stay all weekend, or just stopping in for a day, you can always find something interesting and unusual to do.