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FAQ – Frequenty Asked Questions

Welcome to the Matboard and More® FAQ page. Here you will find common questions and answers about products, shipping, colors and how to order. Please feel free to use the provided links below to quickly find the answer you are looking for.

Matboard Definitions

Top Mat: Top-most, and often only mat board.

Bottom Mat: Optional second layer of mat board for added depth.

Reveal: Width of the bottom mat, normally 1/4?, 3/8? & 1/2?.

Core: Refers to the inner edge color and comes in standard, white & black.

Opening Size: Size of the optional cut out.

Artwork Size: Slightly bigger than the opening to prevent gaps.

Outer Size: Usually matches the inner size of the intended picture frame.

Matboard Colors

It’s very difficult to accurately display on a computer screen the exact colors of our mats. This is especially true for white and black photo matboards. To help in identifying which mat is right for you, we have organized our mats in our shop page from brightest/lightest to darkest. For example, we have many shades of white which differ only very slightly, but the first white in the list is always the brightest/whitest white, and the last one is the creamiest/darker shade of white. Beyond color, there is also the matter of texture. Some of our picture mats are smooth to the touch while others are textured. The following charts also indicate the texture of a given matboard.

Black Colors

Product Description Texture
Berkshire Smooth Black Smooth
Decorative Smooth Black Smooth
Decorative Textured Black Slightly Textured
Conservation Black Belt Smooth

White Colors

Berkshire Description Texture
Smooth White Bright White Smooth
Polar White Neutral White Slightly Textured
Off-White Very Slightly Creamy Smooth
Decorative Description Texture
Very White Very Bright White Smooth
Arctic White Slightly Bright White Smooth
Antique White Slightly Off-White Smooth
Cream Creamy/Off-white Smooth
Conservation Description Texture
Bakers White Very Bright White Smooth
Chalk Bright White Smooth
White Art Bright White Slightly Textured
Pure White Very Slightly Creamy Smooth
Off White Creamy/Off-white Smooth

General Questions

What is the difference between outer size, artwork size and opening size?

The outer size, also known as the frame size matches the size of the inner groove of the picture frame, also the glass size. The art work size should match the dimensions of your image (excluding any extra border). The opening size is the actual window size that will be cut out, and the space where you will see your image. The opening size is typically a 1/4? smaller than the artwork size (around the border), to allow for an overlap of the image and the mat so you can tape the image to the mat.

Do you have any recommendations for my matboard size?

It’s always great to use a standard outer size (frame size), such as 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20 etc. so that frames are easier to find in any retail location. Beyond that, a 2 to 3 inch border around the opening is standard. The bottom mat usually shows 1/4?, known as the reveal.

What are the differences in the types of cores?

Core is what the matboard is made of, and is the visible edge (45 degree bevel cut) of the board. There are three cores, standard (off-white/cream), white and black. Standard cores will fade over time (10+ years) and become yellowish. White and black will always retain their pure colors.

Are the mat openings beveled?

Yes, all of our openings have a 45 degree bevel by default.

What is the reveal

The reveal is a measure of how big the bottom mat layer border is. In other words, how much of the bottom is showing around the opening.

How do you measure the offset

The offset dictates how much the mat opening is shifted up vertically. The margins indicated on your shopping cart are always measured from the outside of the mat to the opening (it includes the reveal in double mats). Top Center is a special off-set where the TOP and SIDE margins are equal.

Product Offerings

Do you do special cuts or designs? How much are they?

Yes, we can make any cut or custom designed matboard. Send us a drawing with the dimensions clearly labelled, as well as the type of mat and we will quote you a competitive price. Here are a few samples, check out our gallery page and Pinterest page for more of our customer art.

Do you have uncut mat boards?

Yes, simply select No Opening, or 0 x 0 for the opening size on the shop page.

Do you sell accessories such as show bags, backing boards, foam boards, plexiglass or custom picture frames?

Yes, all accessories are available with your purchase using the custom matting shop page. You can also purchase any accessory on it’s own through our product shop page

Can I order samples, is there a cost associated with that?

Please click here to order samples. Each sample is a small sample of our products. We have samples for all products including mats, backing, plexiglass and frames. They are all $1 each, with $1 shipping (for the whole sample order). We ship them out ASAP and most arrive within 2-5 days depending on your location.

Can you do triple matboard designs?

Yes, we can make any cut or design. Send us a drawing with the dimensions clearly labelled, as well as the type of mat and we will quote you a competitive price.

Do you tape the top and bottom matboards together?

Yes, we stick the mats together using double sided ATG tape to make it easier for you at no extra charge. This can be avoided upon request.

Are your matboards acid free?

White/Black core Berkshire and Decorative mats have acid free cores, but not acid free surfaces. Conservation mats have acid free surface and cores.

How thick are your matboards?

Berkshire mats are 0.040?, Decorative mats are 0.050? – 0.052?, Conservation mats are 0.052? (4 Ply) or 0.125? (8 PLY).

What kind of backing board do you use?

Economy backing board is made of pressboard and is 0.040-.048?. Standard mats are Berkshire Standard Core Mats, in white color mat with a standard core, 0.040? thick. Archival backing boards are made from acid free materials 0.040-0.048? thickness. Foam core comes in both acid free and regular. Self-Adhesive is an archival backing with adhesive. Visit our backing board shop page for more information and to purchase online.

Do you offer over-sized matboards (more than 32? x 40?)?

Due to the substantial expense of shipping, we do not carry over-size matboards at this time.

Are your products made in the USA?

All of our products are assembled and shipped out of our facility in Atlanta, GA. All of our suppliers and partners are in the USA except for a few of the frames provided from Italy.

Shipping & Packaging Questions

How long will it take to get my order?

We normally ship within 1-3 days, and shipping is another 1-5 days. There are multiple shipping options available in the shopping cart which will give you a guaranteed delivery date automatically based on your shipping address and order content. You can also see estimated delivery days on the map below.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is a flat fee of $9.95 on orders under $50 delivered within the continental US. This covers courier costs, as well as our world class custom packaging which protects your order during shipment. All orders over $50 currently receive free shipping!

Do you ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico?

We can ship to all regions except Canada, but extra charges may apply. Please contact us for more detail.

Why can’t I find all my items in the box?

Some items are packaged between layers of backing boards to keep them safe during shipping. Since all of our items are made to order, our packages are custom made to protect your order as well as possible. The unintended consequence is that sometimes, items may appear missing. Please take apart all packaging and wrappers to check for matboard and plexiglass that might have been sandwiched between backing boards.

Why is my plexiglass not clear?

Plexiglass has a protective film on both sides. We don’t remove this film to ensure your plexiglass arrives scratch free. Once you remove the film, the plexiglass will be perfectly clear.

Pricing Questions

How do you do pricing for your matboards?

Pricing is based on the product type (Berkshire/Decorative/Conservation), the core (standard/white/ black), the outer size and volume. Inner sizes don’t affect the price. All colors are the same price, and there are substantial discount for larger volume orders. See our price list for more details.

Are all colors the same price?

Yes, all colors within each product family are the same price.

Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order.

Do you do wholesale orders or discount pricing?

Yes, please see our price list for detailed pricing.

Do you do B2B sales or accept PO’s from large organizations?

Yes, we have worked with many government agencies, museums and businesses where we are able to establish special agreements. Contact us for more details.

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