Plexiglass - Matboard and More


Durable and shatter proof, great alternative to glass in framing.

custom plexiglass for picture framing


0.040", Light Weight and Clear
PETG Vivak® Acrylic

$6.42 as shown
custom premium plexiglass for picture framing


0.060" Extra Thick
Optically Pure
High Grade Cast Acrylic

$10.71 as shown
non-glare custom plexiglass


0.060", Extra Thick Non-Glare
Optically Pure
Best for Heavily Lit Rooms
Not suitable with mats

$13.39 as shown

Customer Reviews

Lisbon Public Library
11/14/19 @ 3:06PM
Fantastic sturdy packaging. Assembled 16x20 photo in only a few minutes. Way easier than anticipated! Exceptional matting and frame. Very satisfied. Will purchase from this site again.
Carey Burchfield
11/14/19 @ 8:12AM
Boards were excellent quality. All cuts were made to order. Loved the customizable aspect. Packaging was very secure and protected the boards and frames I bought. Price was very reasonable. Would recommend and order from them again!
Margaret Soll
11/11/19 @ 6:54PM
Very happy with evey order I received from them. I get it very quickly and very high quality. Will recommend them highly. I fo use them often.
Shirley S
11/9/19 @ 12:50AM
Great product selection at reasonable prices. And customer service is responsive and top notch! I am recommending them and will buy from them again.
11/7/19 @ 5:59AM
Once again, you guys have done quality work & shipped in a timely matter.. I tell everyone to use Matboard and More