Plexiglass - Matboard and More


Durable and shatter proof, great alternative to glass in framing.

custom plexiglass for picture framing


0.040", Light Weight and Clear
PETG Vivak® Acrylic

$5.26 as shown
custom premium plexiglass for picture framing


0.060" Extra Thick
Optically Pure
High Grade Cast Acrylic

$8.76 as shown
non-glare custom plexiglass


0.060", Extra Thick Non-Glare
Optically Pure
Best for Heavily Lit Rooms
Not suitable with mats

$10.95 as shown

Customer Reviews

Thomas Patton
7/11/19 @ 3:15PM
Great shopping experience. They gave me a 2nd chance to double check the mat opening and when I did I had it wrong and fixed the order. This is going beyond and great customer service. thanks.
7/10/19 @ 8:06PM
Excellent product! Beautiful frame and mattboard! Perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Customized perfectly to my requests, will definitely buy from again!
Joan Morris
7/5/19 @ 5:15PM
I can count on Matboard to give me exactly what I ask for. I have never had a problem as long as I give them accurate into.
High quality framing materials at a great price!
Pete Cavicchi
6/26/19 @ 10:26PM
Mat board, glass and backing received promptly, well packaged, and as advertised. Fair prices.