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Being a photographer has never been easy, and getting professional results is difficult without understanding some of the most expensive and complex software on the market. That’s where we come in.

The Photo Lab provides photographers and businesses alike with professional photo editing services they can use to propel themselves in the market. Reducing or eliminating a large portion of editing allows our clients to spend more time on their business while being able to take on additional work.

When we created The Photo Lab we worked closely with local photographers to understand all their editing needs. We gained valuable insight along the way and really dug deep into what they saw. We went as far as helping shoot alongside them at weddings and events to understand the entire process. Over the course of two years we carefully developed our services and perfected the workflow to match their every need. Our service today was the result of this, and our dedication shows.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, our local team hand-corrects each photo while paying close attention to individual style and preference.  We offer three levels of editing from basic RAW editing to advanced portrait retouching and beyond. We’re all about quality and you’ll find nothing less than you’d expect when it comes to photo editing. Even our most basic editing package includes blemish removal, local skin-tone correction, sharpening, and noise reduction.

Getting started is easy, just create an account and fill out your editing preferences. When you’re ready to order just select the type of editing you’d like and the files you want to submit. Our site makes it easy to upload hundreds of RAW files directly through your browser without the need to mess with complex upload tools. Once the order is complete you can download it directly in minutes.

Try us today and receive 15% off your first order with coupon code MATBOARD at checkout.

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